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Web Design Sydney Wollongong

Your website and web design is the online face of your business and as they say "First impressions are EVERTHING!!". What do you want your website and web design to say about you and your business? Your website design needs to be more than just a pretty picture. It needs to effectively communicate who you are and what you do, while enticing visitors to answer your call to action.


A website and web design that stands out from the crowd is the difference between you and your competition. By combining our industry experience with your ideas, thoughts and overall vision, our website web design team will create a striking and unique visual concept that will astound your visitors.


We understand that great web design is rooted in usability -

understanding the user, who they are and what they need and

expect from a particular website. Our aim is to produce work which

looks great, works smoothly and delivers not only aesthetically but monetarily as well.


The purpose of web design is to facilitate communication between user and content.Designing for the web means designing sympathetically with the way people actually use the web, not how we think they should.


Internet SAVVY'S web designers merge creative vision, artistic talent, and SAVVY technology to produce distinctive web designs and marketing solutions for a wide-range of clients.

We specialise in providing high quality web solutions that address all the aspects of your business and reflects your company in a positive and professional way. Internet SAVVY are the web design experts, contact us to find out how we can help you with your next website project.


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Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm

Closed Public Holidays


(02) 42314 386



Internet SAVVY, based in Sydney (Wollongong), Australia are one of Sydney (Wollongong's) leading web site development companies. Web design involves conceptualisation and planning an online web presence. Internet SAVVY deliver websites to the internet, using HTML (XHTML)and similar markup languages (XML) which are interpreted by internet browsers such as internet explorer & firefox. Display of this content in an internet browser creates a Graphical User Interface GUI). Web design involves creating a website which resides on an online web server. Web design can include text or graphics images such as GIF, PNG, JPEG, JPG. More interactive rich media components containing animations and vector graphics are processed via browser plug ins such as FLASH, Quicktime, placed on a web page via HTML or XHTML tags. Most modern browsers comply with W3C standards including XHTML and support Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) allowing more accurate positioning of web page elements and objects. Typically web content is classified as either static or dynamic web content.  Web pages which are dynamic, may change their display or presentation behavoir based on the user's action taken in their web browser. If your company is based in Sydney (Wollongong), contact our Sydney (Wollongong) office.  Web content can be changed using modern web programming techniques such as use of Actionscript, Javascript & AJAX locally within the user's browser to change delivery of DOM elements (dynamic html - DHTML). Web content delivered dynamically is often compiled on the server side. Server side scripting may employ languages such as PERL, ASP, Coldfusion as well as Java, JSP or Ruby. These languages are usually used when building complex, highly interactive web application and websites. Contact Internet SAVVY in Sydney (Wollongong), Australia for a quote on your web design project.