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Switching Hosts with ZERO downtime

Step 1: Signup for Web Hosting

The first step is to signup for web hosting with ORB Web Hosting. This will allow you to start transferring information between your old host and ORB Web Hosting. It is vital that you do not cancel your account with your current web host, until your site has been transferred successfully to ORB's Servers.

Step 2: Configure your Control Panel

Once your web hosting account has been created with us, you will receive a welcome email with your account information. Your first task is to set up your email addresses, so they match your current email addresses, using your control panel. This will ensure your email is received correctly when you switch hosts.

Step 3: Upload your web site

Download your current web site from old web host, into a folder on your computer. (if you have a recent copy of your web site on your computer, this will also suffice.)

Next, you will need to upload your web site using FTP (File Transfer protocol). Your FTP information can be found in your welcome email, as well as several FTP clients you can use. Most website building programs like Frontpage, GoLive and Dreamweaver have built in FTP functions. Alternatively you can use any ftp program available on the web, or use Windows file explorer.

Connect to your web space via FTP using the credentials in your welcome email. Copy/upload your web site to the public_html directory (applies to full featured, budget, linux reseller hosting packages) or httpdocs directory (applies to windows, windows reseller packages) using the FTP program. Most times, it is a simple case of dragging the files from your desktop into the directory indicated above.

Note Everything in the public_html or httpdocs directory is viewable from http://www.yourdomainname.com/
Please place your home page file in this directory. The file should be named index.htm, index.html, index.., etc, so that it will load automatically when someone accesses your web site.

You can test your web site by using the server web address shown in your welcome email.

Step 4: Change domain DNS settings

Next, you will make your domain name point to your new web site hosted on our servers. To do this, you will need to update your domain name DNS details at your current domain name registrar (the organisation who bills you for your domain). Every registrar has a different procedure, so it is best you contact them or use their online management systems.
It is vital that you change the DNS settings of your domain name, so that your domain name points to our servers (where your email, web site, etc is stored). If you do not change the DNS settings of your domain, your domain will still point to your old web host.

Your DNS settings will be provided in your wecome E-mail after you sign-up to ORB Web Hosting.

Step 5: Wait for domain DNS settings to propagate.

After you have updated your domain name with our DNS settings, it will take up to 72 hours for these changes to propagate around the internet. During this time, people who access your domain name may reach your old web site hosted from your old provider or your new web site hosted with us. Ensure both web sites stay online for 72 hours, so the end user will always reach your web site.
Once your domain name dns settings have fully propagated, your web site and email will be solely hosted from our servers and you are free to leave your old hosting provider.


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