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Password protect a directory

1. Login to your Control Panel via www.yourdomain.com/controlpanel

2. Click on the Password Protect Directories icon

3. Select the folder ( directory ) you wish to protect

4. Create a Protected Resource Name. This will be the title in the Pop Up Window that prompts your users to login when trying to access this folder. After you have done this click Save

5. You should now see the below message. Click the [ Go Back ] button

Now we need to create a User for the Directory we just Password Protected

6. Create a User Name and Password: The Password should be 6 - 8 letters or numbers, you can create as many users for this directory as you like.

7. Click Add/modify authorized user.


Now in order to access the protected folder/directory the user must first login.

If at any time you wish to unprotect the directory, simply uncheck and save.

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