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How to Addon a Domain

An Addon Domain will act as a normal Domain when view by the public. Your Addon can have it's own e-mail address but will not require it's own COntrol Panel.

1. Login to your Control Panel via www.yourdomain.com/controlpanel

2. Click on the Addon Domains icon

3. Fill in the following information:

4. Click on Add Domain!


You have now created an Addon Domain.

You can access your Addon Domain via a new FTP connection using your Username and Password to connect. Your Control Panel will create a sub folder in your public_html, in the above example the folder would be called peteschips. You can also directly upload files to this folder via your main FTP account. 

NOTE: Make sue that you update your DNS setting for the Domain that you wish to Addon. This will usually take 12 - 72 hours to take effect.

If you receive an error when adding your new Domain your DNS details have NOT taken effect yet.

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